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UX/UI  Design


Sep '21

Project duration



A mobile app concept proposal that brings live music to new places and audiences through streamlining the booking process.

'Amped' emerged as the output for an app concept proposal for the subject 'Digital Publishing for Apps'. This independently-led project, aimed to reshaping and redefine the live music experience, drawing inspiration from stakeholder consultations and creative brainstorming within the live music environment. Grounded in design thinking principles, 'Amped' not only addresses challenges within the live music ecosystem but also represents a transformative force in the realm of digital experiences. This project signifies a commitment to innovation, refinement, and a user-centric approach that aims to redefine how audiences engage with live music.

• User Research (Empathy Mapping, User Stories, Card Sorting, Screen Brainstorming, Mind Mapping, UX Strategy Blueprint)
• User Testing Documentation
• Wireframes & Prototyping on
• High Fidelity Mockups on Sketch
• UI Kit for design components and patterns

The culmination of my independently led project is the conceptual proposal for the app 'Amped,' positioned to revolutionize the live music experience and reshape our engagement with it. Informed by stakeholder consultations and creative brainstorming within the live music environment, I crafted a user-centric design that directly addressed challenges within the live music ecosystem. Embracing design thinking, I steered the project through exploration, strategic problem mapping, and the ideation process, followed by the refinement and testing of high-fidelity prototypes. During the design phase, the transformation of ideated solutions into tangible, functional designs occurred through the creation of wireframes and visual mock-ups. Subsequently, the testing phase ensured thorough refinement and optimization, guided by the principles of design thinking. This iterative process enabled  the final UX/UI elements to seamlessly resonate with the dynamic landscape of the live music industry. The success of this project is further underscored by its attainment of a High Distinction.

Customer Needs & Business Objectives

The 'Understand' phase of the 'Amped' project involved an in-depth exploration of the live music landscape. I conducted interviews with local artists and venue owners to gain primary insights into their challenges and aspirations. This qualitative data was complemented by market research on existing booking platforms, analyzing user reviews, and identifying pain points in the current solutions. For example, artists expressed frustration with the time-consuming process of approaching venues, while venues highlighted the need for a more efficient and flexible booking system. Delving further into the user experience (UX), I employed empathy mapping and User Stories, to visualize the emotional journey of artists and venue owners, helping uncover hidden needs and desires.

Establishing Visual Identity and UX/UI

Entering the 'Define' phase, I immersed myself in a comprehensive analysis of gathered data, employing Problem Mapping as a strategic tool to structure and filter information. This method proved invaluable in uncovering and delineating core issues within the live music ecosystem that 'Amped' aimed to address. The visual representation facilitated by Problem Mapping illuminated intricate relationships between challenges, such as the disconnect between artists and venues and the absence of real-time gig information for fans. Beyond this, the 'Define' phase also entailed the development of user personas—meticulously outlining the distinct needs and expectations of artists seeking gigs, venues looking to book acts, and fans actively searching for live performances. To further enrich the overall user experience (UX), I seamlessly integrated user journey mapping, meticulously charting key touchpoints and pain points at every stage of the intricate booking process. This approach not only laid a robust foundation for the subsequent phases but also ensured that 'Amped' would holistically address the identified challenges in the most user-centric manner possible.

Digital and Print Collateral

In this pivotal phase, a key insight reshaped the trajectory of 'Amped,' envisioning it as a multisided market—a departure from traditional booking platforms, geared towards fostering a vibrant, interconnected music community. Collaborative consultations fine-tuned this concept, ensuring alignment with real-world needs. The ideation process for the 'Explore' page took inspiration from user-friendly platforms like Airbnb, transforming it into a dynamic interface that empowers artists to filter gig opportunities based on their preferences. Integration of GPS capability added a layer of flexibility for artists. Emphasizing scenarios and user stories ensured proposed features directly addressed specific pain points identified earlier in the process.

High Fidelity Prototypes & User Testing

Transitioning to the 'Design and test' phase, ideated solutions were translated into tangible wireframes and visual mock-ups. Creating a vibrant color palette and style guide, added to the excitement of the live music experience. Adherence to established UI design principles ensured accessibility through clear navigation, intuitive iconography, and responsive layouts. Feedback was sought from potential users and industry experts, presenting wireframes and mock-ups. User testing of the 'Payments' page, for instance, ensured the intuitive integration of e-commerce elements. A feedback loop fine-tuned the user interface and overall user experience. Usability testing, employing real-world scenarios, validated the functionality of each feature and ensured that the final UX/UI elements were not only visually appealing but also optimized for user engagement.