At the heart of design is an opportunity to problem solve.

As a product designer from Sydney, working in San Francisco; I like to think differently and design for impact. My focus is always on user-centred design, creating change, and ensuring future sustainability.

Hi there,
I'm Milla.

I'm currently leading design at Woosh, a smart home technology startup. Prior to that I worked at Atlassian. I have a Masters in Information Technology (majoring in Information Systems and Interaction Design), as well as degrees from the University of Technology Sydney in both Communications (Digital) and Creative Intelligence and Innovation.

My experience spans diverse clients from design companies such as BoConcept to exploring social innovation at UNICEF. I have a love for the product space and enjoy the end to end process of ideating and designing experiences that will result in tangible solutions. Outside of work I enjoy reading a good book, planning a trip or outdoor adventure, and time with friends and family.  

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Woosh Air - Product Design, UX/UI Design

Led the design function at Woosh; an early-stage smart home technology startup.  Scope covered UX/UI of digital properties, including mobile app and website, and design of various print collateral.

Atlassian - Product Design, UX/UI Design

Took ownership of driving a product design project end-to-end within the Team's platform team.

UNICEF Australia - UX/UI Design

Prototyped and developed the initiative U-Speak: a platform for UNICEF which aims to elevate the voices of young Australians through the power of conversation to better connect them with policy makers.

Amped - UX/UI Design

A mobile app concept proposal that brings live music to new places and audiences through streamlining the booking process.

Include - UX/UI Design

Wesbite and mobile app, which aims to promote inclusive design practices, providing a resource for organisations and individuals seeking to engage better with marginalised communities.

Atlassian - Design Workshop

An experiential case for an alternative Future of Work. The output was a presentation that provoked questions surrounding how the future of work must be reframed to prioritise both productivity and social interaction, especially in the context of IoT.

Optimise - UX/UI Design

Design of a mobile app that revolutionizes the workspace experience. Crafted to enhance mental well-being, it's informed by extensive research on environmental factors.

BoConcept - Branding, Web Design

Established the branding, style guide and website design and development for 'Studio Noire', a subsidiary of BoConcept.

BoConcept - Branding, Graphic Design

Collaborative graphic design project featuring a print media brochure, involving BoConcept, Bang & Olfsen, and BauBox.

YourPlace - Branding, Web Design

Developed the branding, style guide and website design and development for 'YourPlace', a booking platform for short-term rental properties.

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