Project name

Profile card redesign



Product Design


Oct 22' - Mar 23'

Project duration



I spearheaded an end-to-end product design project within the Team's platform team. My focus was on the redesign of the user profile card, a critical component used across Atlassian's product spectrum.

Atlassian, an Australian software giant, has solidified its presence in the software development and collaboration realm. With a mission to empower teams for smarter and more efficient work, Atlassian fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration. Its diverse suite of products caters to a broad spectrum of industries, from software development and IT to marketing and project management.

• Wireframes & Prototyping
• Component Mockups in Figma
• Comprehensive Design Guidelines
• UX Research

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Spearheading the profile card redesign, I played a pivotal role in equipping makers with design tools and guidelines. This initiative aimed to cultivate a consistent and recognizable user experience across products, addressing the challenge posed by inconsistent implementations. The result was the implementation of three 'good/better/best' iterations of the profile card MVP, accompanied by comprehensive guidelines that transparently communicated design decisions. This approach not only catered to immediate user needs but also left an enduring impact, setting the stage for future advancements. It provided valuable insights into the goals, user stories, and design rationale behind each change, significantly influencing our design trajectory.

User Needs & Design Objectives

Navigating the landscape of inconsistent profile card implementations, I delved into a deep exploration of user needs and design objectives. Leveraging extensive UX research, including a comprehensive profile card audit, I meticulously mapped touchpoints where customers interacted with profile cards across products such as Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Atlas. This comprehensive understanding, enriched by competitor analysis, guided the conceptualization of design solutions. The foundational insights formed the bedrock for creating a more user-centric and consistent profile card experience.

Establishing Design Framework and Guidelines

During the definition phase, collaboration with stakeholders focused on outlining objectives, features, and crucial aspects of the profile card user experience. The opportunity emerged from identifying the desire to better integrate profile cards with product-specific features. Given the multi-product nature of our platform, this underscored the need for designs that seamlessly transcend across products. This phase aimed to establish a robust design framework and guidelines, providing makers with the tools needed for a unified and familiar customer experience.

Conceptualizing Design Solutions

The ideation process unfolded through dynamic brainstorming sessions with cross-functional teams. Beyond functionality, creative exploration extended to styling elements, ensuring alignment with Atlassian's brand identity while elevating visual appeal. The 'good/better/best' model introduced multiple iterations, presenting a spectrum of design possibilities. Potential solutions were carefully considered, including aligning with other product design leads, redesigning for product-specific needs, making the profile card less flexible, or a combination of these options.

Iterative Prototypes & Guidelines

The design and testing phase represented a pivotal stage, involving the meticulous crafting of iterative prototypes for the profile card MVP. User testing played a critical role in refining functionality, addressing usability concerns, and optimizing visual appeal. Thoughtfully curated design components ensured a seamless and consistent user experience across diverse product contexts. The MVP design, accompanied by comprehensive guidelines, provided makers with valuable insights into the goals and rationale behind each design decision. This holistic approach aimed not only to address immediate user needs but also to contribute to a unified and user-friendly profile card experience across the Atlassian product ecosystem.