Project name

BoConcept Internship



Website design & development | UI


Oct '21 - Jan '22

Project duration

Articulating my professional value proposition and engaging with innovation in a workplace context.


BoConcept is a contemporary Danish retail, design and furniture company that operates in over 60 countries. Throughout the internship, I worked on various design challenges, where I was involved in the end-to-end design process, including early-stage research and ideation, implementation, and iteration. This included leveraging every aspect of the user-centred design process to tackle complex customer problems.


This internship was undertaken as part of a BCII subject on innovation within the workplace. In order to develop my own learning objectives for the internship, the subject encouraged me to analyse the skills, experience and abilities needed for the innovation-oriented workplace. Additionally, it enabled the development of future orientation towards the world of work and the career opportunities opening up as emerging transdisciplinary professionals. For this subject, I received the overall mark of a High Distinction (93%).

Throughout this internship, I had the opportunity to work closely with various teams within the San Francisco Bay Area location, enabling me to contribute relevant insights to a broader scope of projects and engage with diverse stakeholders. I was  predominantly working with the Digital Marketing and Design teams given my interest in UX/UI research and design. My motivation to participate in this internship placement at BoConcept, was largely due to the scope of work and autonomy I had on a variety of projects, enabling me to make a substantial impact at scale. What additionally stood out about the internship placement at BoConcept was the opportunity to collaborate cross-functionally and share insights within a multidisciplinary team of product managers, content designers, and researchers. As my career goals focus on digital business innovation, designing user experiences, and communicating ideas creatively and compellingly, this internship opportunity provided the enabling conditions to achieve this.


A key deliverable of the internship was the design and development of the website 'Studio Noire'. This involved autonomously designing style guides and a UI Kit, in addition to developing the website for the staging offset company. Processes engaged in include: brainstorm sessions, applying various design thinking methods, and engaging with user journey mapping, wireframes + high fidelity design.

My contribution to BoConcept and its subsidiary company, Flexa, can be seen through my efforts in executing innovative ideas and delivering results. This was exhibited throughout various projects undertook, including but not limited to:

View the letter of recommendation provided at the conclusion of the internship.

Please note: In accordance with the client's wishes, this case study only showcases a limited degree of the research and designs involved.